Desden is one of the provinces of Beolothor located at the western end, bordering Bapuria. Situated near Mt. Hesuvius, it's primarily known for its hills and lakes. It's capital city is Colo City.

Administrative DivisionEdit

The entire province of Desden is divided into 15 Lorandy, 10 Visorandy, 7 Borrandy and 3 Forrice. Each nobles ruling this part is subject to the authorities of the Corrath or the Governor appointed by the King of Beolothor and by consent of the Circle of Nobles.

List of Lorandy:

  • Islevi
  • Felers
  • Majisco
  • Quertose
  • Tanjun
  • Lermach
  • Roxcourg
  • Maillis
  • Nosli
  • Yrneh
  • Ichley
  • Edev
  • INamor
  • Semaj
  • Yrrah

List of Visorandy

  • Caksoe
  • Jelouis
  • Goreale
  • Venutose
  • Luomo
  • Iaasde-Lepschy
  • Golino
  • Speroni
  • Iandfreis
  • Miburo

List of Borrandy

  • Aveneg
  • Zosimo
  • Coubrey
  • Radek
  • Suneges
  • Gentian
  • Ztneg-Iberico

List of Forrice:

  • Willburg
  • Ruudoe
  • Revir-Oragine
  • Nesnaji
  • Sparnus
  • Istrik
  • Ikagati

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