This article is not finished. Read the first chronicle. It's not done, but it's the most complete.

The Chronicles of Teloer are the history of the country of Teloer, mostly of its rulers.

The First ChronicleEdit

Shyran, the White Leopard Archmage of King Daniel the Golden Tiger (It is the tradition in Teloer to title their kings and royalty after members of the cat family, due to ancient Teloeran lore) , saw a disturbing vision in his seeing stone. The vision was of his master being killed. He ran to tell the king.

They soon learned that Derrick the Black Panther, older brother to Daniel and Duke of Teloer planned to take over. Shyran prepared for Derrick's arrival. He gave Prince Jonathan the White Lion. A great sword called Atarin, which was a powerful sword of light.

The Second ChronicleEdit

Two enemies

The Third ChronicleEdit

Two enemies

The Fourth ChronicleEdit

Shyran apprentices

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