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The Divine Realms


Near-Human, Super Beings



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Shapeshifting, Varied

Special Attributes

Keep the worlds in balance

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Divine Realms

Famous Members

Emily Knighton, Others

OOC Information

Felidae Silvestris

The Children of Light are personifications of forces of nature that are thought to be myths.


The Children of Light are basically the be-all and end-all of the divine beings. They don't necessarily claim authority but they do keep the worlds in balance by being together. If the Children are separated for long periods of time (approx. 100yrs), the walls between the worlds will unravel. This is, of course, quite dangerous and should be remedied as soon as possible. This particular problem is best handled by either one of the Children or someone who knows of them.

As the Children reside in the Divine Realms, time moves and is perceived quite differently. There are very few Children (those with time-related powers) who can perceive time as we do. Even fewer care about what happens to anyone besides themselves. Hence the danger if one of the Children go missing.

Forces and PowersEdit

  • Fire: Pyrokinesis, Precognition, Empathy
  • Bonds: Empathy
  • Time: Precognition, Postcognition, Temporal Shifting, Time Freeze
  • Tides: Hydrokinetic
  • Water: Hydrokinetic
  • Air: Air Manipulation
  • Earth: Earth Manipulation, Healing
  • Plants: Healing
  • Passion: Pyrokinesis, Empathy
  • Life: Life Touch, Empathy, Precognition, Postcognition, Healing
  • Darkness: Death Touch
  • Pain: Empathy
  • Death: Death Touch, Precognition
  • Light: Light Manipulation


Whatever weaknesses their forms have. Perception of time.


The Divine Realms

Known ChildrenEdit

Emily Knighton - Fire

--Felidae Silvestris 06:52, August 7, 2011 (UTC)

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