Cheif Tomahawk is the leader of the Tigermen and very war-like.He created the Maze of Ulterity,where the first of the "games" resides.


Cheif Tomahawk resembles a white bengal tiger and wears simple clothes.


Besides the natural ones of the Tigermen,Tomahawk has the ability to control and conjure fire.


His weaknesses are all natural.


Cheif Tomahawk holds a mighty battle sword and a tribal shield.

Allies and EnemiesEdit


When Tomahawk was young he was already practicing his combat skills.

His pride was expanding but he always let his mind clear up so that he can focus on what he was doing.

By the time he was an adult he was powerful and ready to fight for his race.After a while

Tomahawk proved worthy of cheif and became the cheif of the tigermen.

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