Chale was a female Greek soldier that fought along with Sena, Demicres, Denisen, and Lenna during the Setonian War. She was a small person, and would not have been thought of as a warrior. But, her looks were deceiving. She was fast and agile, probably being the group's best fighter. After the Setonian War, she left with the others to go to the Norselands to help their new found allies in what was thought to have been a small dispute. Shortly after their arrival, the Ragnarök occurred. During the insanity of the Ragnarök, both Sena and Demicres fell, leaving only Denisen, the Norse warriors, and her. She gathered the golden swords of Lenna from the two, as well as Sena's bow and arrows. With the bow, she brought down an Ice Giant, seconds before it took the life of Denisen. In return, Denisen beheaded a stone troll before it crushed her. These two Greeks would be the only Greek survivors of the Ragnarök. After they escaped from the Norselands, Denisen began writing Trials of a Greek Soldier. The story brought her and the other Greeks to fame. But, when Denisen decided that the story wasn't finished, he was nearly blind and was unable to complete it. So, Chale offered to help Denisen and finished writing the story for him. After the final book of the story was finished, they gained more fame than ever.

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