Sir Cajori Hodson, Loran of Cajori (born 964 in Trail, Favar) is the current Central Fleet Lord of Beolothor.

Sir Hodson was born near Favar City Favar and joined the navy in 986 and worked his way up the ranks. He was Commanding Officer of the warship War Conqueror, Naval Captain, Commander of the First Beolothoran Fleet, then the Second Beolothoran Fleet; Rear-Admiral; Commander of Port Cities and Harbors. He received his title of nobility from a distant cousin who died childless.

In the early 990s he commanded the Naval Officers' Training Centre, at Favar City, Favar. In 993, Admiral Anderson became Central Fleet Lord of the Naval Forces of the Beolothor National Army.

Sir Hodson married his wife Abian (née Larventy)in August 17, 986 and have two children and five grandchildren.

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