Blood Seals are seals that can only be opened by the DNA, specifically in the blood, of one person, family, species, etc. the seals can be placed by anyone on anything so long as the person had the power to do so. These seals can only be set by blood and triggered or broken by blood. The amount and particular kind of blood is up to the caster.


Blood seals have been around since the dawn of time. No one knows exactly how they came to be, but most people have access to information about blood seals.


Blood seals can be broad or specific. They can be used to trigger spells placed on objects or as locks. Generally, blood seals are somewhat difficult to cast due to the amount of power required. The only time this power fee is waived is in the case of religious objects.

Blood seals cannot be used as binding spells.

See AlsoEdit

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--Felidae Silvestris 06:11, August 7, 2011 (UTC)

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