The world of Adyr has a variety of bestiary. Aside from the normal animals (dogs, horse, cats, etc.), there are also other species only in Adyr can be found.Some are useful beast and other are pest and dangerous animals.


The Kanpurs are mighty canine beasts huge enough to be mounted with short strong neck, broad shoulders, fearsome fangs and sharp claws. They are a prominent beast all over the Adyr, known as war mounts and transportation animal. They are bred and use extensively by the two prominent races, the Humans and Tighearnachs.


The Sastryns are huge bovine beast that stood on two legs. Their swift speed, along with the cover of their natural environment, allowed them to be able to run from predators. A sastryn could run at up to 90 kilometers per hour. Males had short sharp horn sitting atop their head. There were many different breeds of sastryn, often identifiable by their horn styles and sizes.

They are the domesticated beast of burden to the humans.

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