The Atron of Bapuria is title of the hereditary commander-in-chief and monarch of the country Bapuria. No one knows for sure how the title came to be but according to the royal chronicles, it came from the word atronus meaning Leader in Armeyasians. The first to assume the title is none other than Bapur Wolfsword, founder of Bapuria.

Any noberator can be the atron for as long as he is either a patrilineal or matrilineal descendant of Bapur Wolfsword himself. According to the chroniclers, the family of the current Atron, Ferund XVII can be traced through his mother from one of the daughter of the founder not mentioning that his wife is a Milas herself, a direct descendant.

List of Atrons of BapuriaEdit

House of BapurEdit

House of EthrrogEdit

  • Reantrus the Fierce
  • Alexandru II, The Young
  • Ferund I
  • Ferund II
  • Reantrus II
  • Alexandru III
  • Ferund III
  • Alexandru IV
  • Ferund the Battler
  • Ferund IV
  • Ferund V
  • Ferund VI
  • Reantrus III
  • Ferund VIII
  • Ferund IX

House of MilasEdit

Heroz DynastyEdit

His heir to the Atronate Throne is his only son, Atronavan Alexandru Haselik.

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