Aran is a small land, where magicians fight against were-beasts to survive and protect their kingdoms and cities. The north is dominated by a widespread mountain range, where giants live in seclusion fighting dwarves and heedless of the dangers of the lowlands. The middle country's forested hills and swamped valleys conceal the sculking dark-mages, who rule goblins and gnomes alike in an iron grip. Southeast is balmy jungles and desert of the matriarchal queendom of Arabor, where female mages try to hold the widespread werewolf clans at bay while the corrupt government crumbles under the queen's oppulant lifestyle. Seperated by Hellion Bay, the Southwest is the the Eren Island, where the Archmage views the heavens while his people starve, and are dwindling because of the were-wolf disease raviging the people.

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