The demon serpent, Apep, in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Apep was an Ancient Egyptian demon that was the supreme God of the Egyptians and the Egyptian Gods. When Set, Isis, and Ra decided that they too should be given power to rule over Egypt; Apep refused to give them anything. The three Gods rebelled against Apep and were able to defeat him and throw him to the underworld. Apep was furious and vowed to take his revenge on them. He made his way through the underworld, to a place where he knew Ra must travel to put the sun into the sky. So, every morning, Ra is forced to have a great battle with Apep. Most of the time, aided by Set, Ra prevails and kills Apep. So, the Sun rises. Beceause Apep is already at the underworlds edge, he comes back to life in the underworld every time he is killed. So, the fight continues every day. One the rare occasion soolar eclipse, the Egyptians say that Apep has actually manages to swallow Ra. The eclipse ends beceause the Gods traveling with Ra kill Apep and cut him open to free Ra. Another rare occasion is the lunar eclipse. The Egyptians believe that during this time, Apep has Ra in his coils and trys to squeeze and crush him to death. The moon appears red beceause the others are beating, cutting, and stabbing him to free Ra. When the eclipse is over, this means that the Gods prevailed and Apep was slain once more. Apep was not worshiped, rather hated and put down by those that worshiped Ra. But, during the Setonian War, Aknuhabad reintroduced the worshiping of Apep. Throughout the Empire of Set and the Apep Kingdom, the worship of Set and Apep was not only allowed and practiced, it waas forced upon the people. With this, Apep grew stronger and gave Ra more and more trouble each morning. Eventually, he swallowed Ra and the other Gods were not able to defeat him to cut Ra loose. During this time, Anubis unleashed his Guardians on the Empire of Set and the Apep Kingdom. He was ashamed to have one of his Anubites help the evil demon. At the same time, the other Egyptian kingdoms attacked Aknuhabad's empire. Anubis favored them greatly and carefully watched over the battle. While Apep's worshipers died, he grew weaker. As he grew weaker, the other Gods gained the upper hand and killed Apep. They cut him open and freed Ra. After this, Anubis created an army of Anubites and sent them with his Guardians to destroy the remains of the Empire of Set and the Apep Kingdom. When this was done, everything returned to normal and Apep was never worshiped again.

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