Andrick Map

Home to the most economically-minded creatures, Andrick houses the sentient Chalte, carnivorous economically-minded beasts. Andrick is mainly dominated by two provinces, the Pysicious Province and the Dominanton Province. The Pysicious Province is where the main empire rules, and where the trade records are kept. There are many villages and ports, as opposed to the Dominanton Province, where there are only four ports. However, the Pysicious Province has no mountains. It is also home to an abundance of valued minerals underground. The Dominanton Province is home to the only mountains in all of Andrick. It houses many villages and has more valued minerals underground than Pysicious, but it is impossible to get them due to the severe weather.

Andrick is home to the wealthiest government in all of Baltos. It is the central powerhouse that is the start point of all trades, whether trading in agriculture, minerals, or other important commodities. No one has ever waged war on Andrick in all history, because they know that the trades would end that their country would fall into chaos.

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