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General Information



Feline Near-Human


English, Russian

Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Height


Average Weight


Skin Colors


Hair Colors

Orange or White-Blond

Eye Colors

Amber or Blue

Abilities Information
Magical Ability


Special Attributes

Gifted in balance

Societal Information
OOC Information

Felidae Silvestris

Tiger Shapeshifters residing in Kintaria. Not to be confused with the Bengal Tiger Shapeshifters.


Living mainly in Russia, the Amba often live in small communities or at least in family groups. If separated from their original family group, a lone Amba will either try to re-establish contact or form a family group of their own. They are often hired for either mercenary or guard work outside of their native country. Although they are suited to rougher areas of work, the Amba are gifted gymnasts, figure-skaters, and dancers.

It is widely known that at least one Amba lives and performs with Sigfried and Roy but it is unclear as to whether this individual is feral or just play acting.


Amba half-form is a man-sized tiger comfortable with standing on its hind legs. There have been cases of retractable claws on the human form but this is not considered a true half-form.

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