The last demon of her kind. She has been around since the mid 12th century and has won every fight she has fought. Aliz has killed 944 witches, warlocks, wistlows, wizards, sorcerers and magical creatures. She once had control of Selip, the counterpart to Axelissis. But was booted out of that world when she sent all their soldiers into battle and got them killed, cutting the worlds population by half. Distinctive for her light blue skin and white eyes, she alos had a sonic scream that can only be heard by magicmakers. She can breath ice and freeze anybody in a few mometns. Aliz also has large claws, that she uses to slit throats. She is an upper level demon. The only way to kill her is a "Claws of Pain" vanquishing spell that was created by witches in the late 20th century, specifically for her and the harpies. Claws of Pain Vanquising Spell

"Claws of pain, we have to sever, demon you are gone forever!"