Aknuhabad was an Anubite that led the armies of Set to war against all of the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Norse. He was very cruel and uncaring, with no regard for the life of any other creature than himself. He led his army of Anubites, slave warriors, Avengers, Mummies, Wadjets, Spearmen, Chariot Archers, and Camelery to take several Egyptian towns, starting a bloody war that would be known as the Setonian War. He forced all of his followers to worship Set. If they rfused, he would torture them and then sacrifice them to Set. Eventually, the Egyptians had been through enough. They fought back. Mostly those who worshiped Ra, Isis, and Osiris. The Anubite refused to stop the expansion of the Empire of Set. The Egyptians fought for two years before the Norse were roped into the war. Aknuhabad, in hopes of freeing the Guardian of Anubis, set off to the Norselands, where the Guardian was trapped. He and his army raided and destroyed three Norse towns before finding the Guardian. This angered the Norse. So, a large group of warriors was gathered and attacked the Egyptians. Aknuhabad's plan failed and the Norse now fought with the others. Aknuhabad, mostly out of defiance and anger, foolishly sailed an armada across the Mediterranean Sea to the Greek port city of Nole. His armada sieged the city, taking thousands of casualties. This brought the Greeks into the war. After the Greeks joined, the war would last four more years until the fall of Aknuhabad and the Empire of Set. But, Aknuhabad had accomplished much during the war. Besides bringing Set's worshipers higher than ever, he brought back the worshiping of Apep. Along with this, he had destroyed half of Egypt. He was eventually killed by Demicres and Sena, after he took the life of Lenna. Although he died, the Empire of Set did not fall until two years after the Setonian War was over.

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