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Aginor is one of the primary dieties of Aldenland. He is the god of courage, and his symbol is a porcupine. He is known for his stubborn personality, fondness for wine, and unswerving loyalty to his kin and country. Soldiers of Aldenland typically recite a prayer to Aginor before each battle, especially when outnumbered. He wears bearskin armor and carries a long spear, tipped with gold.

Powers Edit

  • Battle Cry inspires allies with courage and enemies with fear. Can be heard throughout the entire kingdom.
  • When he throws his spear, it never misses its target. He can summon it back to his hand at will.
  • Invulnerable to mortal weapons


  • Vulnerable to dieties and forces of nature
  • Headstrong spirit makes him easily tricked
  • Loses strength when not worshipped

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